Natural Resource Projects


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Referral by Order in Council

Alberta Sulphur Terminals Ltd./Hazco Environmental Services – Sulphur Forming and Shipping Facility (2009)

Arclin (formerly Dynea Canada Ltd.) – Formaldehyde Production Plan (2008)

Agrium Products Inc. – Extension of Existing Gypsum Storage Area (2004)

Chem Security (Alberta) Ltd. – Treatment of Hazardous Waste from Other Provinces (1994)

Chem Security (Alberta) Ltd. – Swan Hills Special Waste Treatment Centre Expansion (1992


Consumer’s Paper Corp. – Waste Paper Recycling Project (1993)


Parsons Creek Aggregates - Limestone Quarry Project (2014)

Hammerstone Corporation – Hammerstone Quarry Project (2010)

Birch Mountain Resources Ltd. – Muskeg Valley Quarry Project (2005)

United Industrial Services Ltd. – Silica Mine (2000)


Vacation Alberta Corp. – Westcastle Four Season Resort Project (1993)

Three Sisters Golf Resorts Inc. – Three Sisters Recreational and Tourism Project, Canmore (1992)

Kan-Alta Golf Management Ltd. – Golf Course at Evan Thomas Creek (1992)

Water Management

Town of Canmore - Cougar Creek Debris Flood Retention Structure, Board Decision NR 2018-01 (2018)

Glacier Power Ltd. – Dunvegan Hydroelectric Project (2008)

Alberta Environment and Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation – Highwood Diversion Plan (2008)

Glacier Power Ltd. - Dunvegan Hydroelectric Project (2003)

Alberta Public Works, Supply and Services – Little Bow-Highwood Diversion Project (1998)

Alberta Public Works, Supply and Services – Pine Coulee Water Management Project (1995)