Natural Resource Projects

Current Projects

Project criteria are set out in the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act. Project proposals are automatically referred to the Natural Resources Conservation Board if the project is required under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act to submit an environmental impact assessment. The board coordinates with Environment and Parks to establish the joint terms of reference for reviewable projects. The terms of reference set out common information requirements for the board review and the environmental impact assessment. 

The board review process is initiated when the board determines that the application is complete.

Alberta Environment and Parks has determined that, in compliance with the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required for each of the following projects:


The Natural Resources Conservation Board Act requires the NRCB to determine whether projects that require an EIA are in the public interest. The NRCB contributes to developing the terms of reference for the EIAs, and the EIA forms a significant part of the formal application to the Board.